UK Public Sector AWS Migration technical information




UK Public Sector IP’s and URL’s for AWS

If you are a UK Public Sector Customer, you will know we are migrating from our current Cloud provider to Amazon Web Services.

You have likely been requested to whitelist our new IP’s and input new URL’s in order to connect to the Marketplace and send orders. The list of new IP’s and URLs can be found below:


IP’s and URL’s for Punchout:

cXML Punchout (Preprod)

cXML Punchout (Prod)

OAG Punchout (Preprod)

OAG Punchout (Prod)

OCI Punchout (Preprod)

OCI Punchout (Prod)


IP’s and URL’s for Transactions via Connect:

Transaction Get (Preprod)


Transaction Get (Prod)

Transaction Post (Preprod)

Transaction Post (Prod)


IP’s and URL’s for Transactions using PTSworker account:

PTS Order (Preprod)

PTS Order (Prod)

PTS Invoice (Preprod)

PTS Invoice (Prod)



IP’s and URL’s for FTPS & SFTP Services

FTPs (Preprod)

FTPS (Prod)

SFTP (Preprod) 

SFTP (Prod) 


If you are having issues connecting or if you require any further information, please reach out to your Basware CSM