Basware Purchase-to-Pay 21.4 New Features


1 Introduction

This document contains descriptions of new features in Basware Purchase-to-Pay 21.4 and its maintenance releases.

2 Procurement

2.1 Preferred agreements in Marketplace

Module(s): Marketplace
Feature ID: ALUSTA-83229
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Sometimes when searching for items in a large catalog, requesters may find many search results for one type of item. It can be hard to know which item is better when there is so much choice. To help guide users to the best option, administrator buyers can now flag an agreement as Preferred. The Preferred status indicates that, when possible, users are encouraged to choose items from this agreement over other similar items. 

Administrator buyers can set Preferred status on any agent or organization agreement. 

When a preferred agreement is published on Marketplace, the items from that agreement are shown with a green thumbs-up icon to let requesters know that the item is preferred. Preferred items also appear first in catalog search results. In the search options, users can choose to see only preferred items.

2.2 In document search, users can find all documents on which they are collaborating

Module(s): Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-50474
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

In document search, users can now find purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and goods receipts if they have participated in a discussion on the document. This enhancement helps uses find documents that they have been collaborating on, even when they don’t have a current task for the related document. 

To see these documents, ensure that the Search for option is set to All requisitions, All orders, or All goods receipts.

2.3 Integrated shopping experience - Custom delivery address on Summary page

Module(s): Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-79777
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

When using the new Integrated Shopping Experience, users can now enter custom delivery addresses on the Summary page when purchasing items. In the Desired delivery address field, users can now select the option Custom address, then enter their own delivery address for the order. This way, users do not need to only use the pre-defined delivery addresses. 

It is also possible to have multiple delivery addresses for one basket. If the user has specified different delivery addresses for each item in the basket, the Desired delivery address field says “Many delivery addresses”. The addresses can be edited for each item using the Edit details action.

2.4 Purchase Professional Tools split view - Purchase orders tab

Module(s): Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-70243
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

When viewing purchase documents in Purchase Professional Tools, buyers can now see the document purchase order details in split view by clicking the Purchase orders tab. To see the purchase orders panel, users must first click the Split View icon.

Additional document information will be added to the split view in future releases.

3 AP Automation

3.1 Enhanced invoice search in AP Pro

Module(s): Invoice Automation
Feature ID: ALUSTA-76462
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

Invoice search has been enhanced in AP Pro. Now, users can find invoices more quickly and easily than ever.

The free-text invoice search has been enhanced so that it searches invoices from all statuses (except historical) if the user is using one or several of the following criteria: Invoice Number, Supplier Name, Supplier Code, Accounting Voucher Number, Invoice Voucher Number. If the user is using some other criteria either alone or in addition, then the invoices are searched from a limited set of statuses.


An info tip next to the free-text invoice search contains more information about how the search works and a complete list of limited statuses.

Secondly, the Status picker in Advanced search and the related quick link now show all statuses have been enhanced. The following statuses have been added to the status picker: in AnyERP, In Automatic process, In Automatic Receiving, In Automatic Coding, and In Automatic Matching. Users can enable the Show all statuses option to select all of these statuses in addition to the previously available statuses: Received, Matching, Workflow, Transfer, Storage, Processed, Closed, and Removed.

4 Platform

4.1 Accessibility improvements for personal users

Module(s): Invoice Automation, Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-83697
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Feature is in use automatically

In Edge for personal users, we have made accessibility improvements to these areas of the user interface:

Improvements have been made in the following areas: 

Additional accessibility improvements will be made in future releases.

4.2 Allow suppliers to have the same bank account numbers for different banks

Module(s): P2P Admin
Feature ID: ALUSTA-54896
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Basware consultant work is needed

Previously when configuring supplier bank account information, Basware P2P prevented suppliers from having the same account number more than once. However, it is possible that some suppliers can have the same bank account number, but with a different bank. In these cases, it is now possible to change the validation logic to allow for the same bank account numbers if the bank names are different. 

To implement this change for your system, request a service in the Basware Customer Support Portal (

4.3 Multiple identity providers supported for SSO

Module(s): Platform
Feature ID: ALUSTA-83400
Release: P2P 21.4
Feature Implementation: Basware consultant work is needed

Customers can now use many identity providers in their federated single sign-on (SSO) solutions with Basware Access. Previously, Basware’s basic SSO solution supported only one identity provider solution per customer, and setups with multiple identity providers required a customer-managed SSO proxy. Now our SSO solution can support multiple identity providers without a customer-managed SSO proxy.

To begin using multiple identity providers for your organization’s SSO, Request a service in the Basware Customer Support Portal. Note that some changes may require upgrades to customers’ authentication solutions.