Migration of SMTP infrastructure - impact on BaswareOne email receiving customers


This article is particular meant for the IT department of BaswareOne email receiving customers.

On Thursday the 25th of November 2021, Basware will migrate SMTP infrastructure that will allow Basware to align and comply with the latest email security standards.

The IP address of the BaswareONE email server will be changed during this activity. The new email server IP address will be (old IP address which is currently in use is

Your actions are required if you have an email firewall enabled which require IP whitelisting to receive email (see Q1 and A1 mentioned in Frequently asked questions section).

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: Does this change require action on our side?
A1: If you have any firewall enabled for email then you have to whitelist

Q2: What action is required if emails are identified as spam?
A2: New IP needs to be whitelisted.

Q3: What if we do not receive any email after the maintenance?
A3: Search for delivered emails which may be routed to other locations (due to the not whitelisted IP addresses)

Q4: What if we do not have any firewall enabled for email but application has stopped email processing.
A4: There is a chance that you need to verify if any application filter is blocking the email