Define mapping for external webshops' OCI inbound fields in Edge

Pre-requisites: You must have the "Manage external webshops" user right. Also, the external webshop cannot currently be in use. If a user has a product from the external webshop in their requisition draft, the product must be either removed or ordered before the webshop may be edited.

  1. Navigate to Data Management (gear icon) > External webshops
  2. Select the webshop whose OCI inbound mappings you want to edit and click Open
  3. In the Basics tab, open Inbound fields.
  4. Default OCI fields are present there already. You can modify, delete, and add fields as needed. No field mappings are mandatory, but we recommend having the following:
OCI Inbound fields
Fields in purchase requisition
NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTIONSupplier Product Name 
NEW_ITEM-UNITQuantity Unit

5. When finished, click Save to save the OCI inbound mappings.