Buyer Guide - Add or Remove users from a View in Product Manager

To manage the users on your view, locate the view in question and click the cog symbol next to Users.

On the Select Users page you can choose to either add all users in the organisation, add all the users on a page, or add users individually.

Add all users - All users in the organisation can be added to this View by clicking the Whole Organisation toggle switch to ON. If the switch is on then all current users in the organisation will have access to the content in the view, and any users added later will also have access to the content.

To quickly remove all users from the list, turn Whole Organisation ON, and then immediately turn it OFF. Any users that were on the view are now removed.

Add user individually - To add or remove users individually or by page, the Whole Organisation toggle switch must be OFF. To add a single user, click the button + to the right of the user. Once added, the button will change to a , click this to remove the user.

When you are happy with the changes ensure you click Done in the top right of the page to save.