I already have Basware account. How can I connect with other customers?


This article aims to provide instructions on how to handle the following situation:

You already have a Basware portal account, and you need to connect with other customer. For this purpose, you do not need to register again for being able to send PDF e- invoices to a new business partner.

It is important that you make sure the PDF e-invoice for sending service is activated and to have been informed by your new customer where to send the invoices. Then, using your standard emailing tool, attach the PDF invoice and send it to the appropriate customer receiving email address.


1. The customer may choose to provide you with the receiving email addresses by sending an email invitation through Basware Portal on behalf of the customer, or using other communication means as well (own website, phone, etc).

2. In case you received an email invitation, follow the link in the invitation and simply login to the Basware Portal with the user you have already created for a different registration in the past.

3. Use the same sending email address, which was added for the past registration, with the possibility to also add other emails to this account anytime this is needed.

Please reference the supplier kit to know where to send the invoices to.

This way you will connect with your customer and have full visibility on the documents that are being shared with your new customer.