IP - Master - Posting templates


How do I create a posting template, and how do I make it available for other users in my company?

Please note that posting means the same as coding. 

Instructions :

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open an invoice in IP Master, from where you want to create a template.
  2. On the coding tab, edit your line coding and click the "coding template editor" button. (1)
  3. A new window opens, and here you can make your changes to the coding, and choose if you want this to be a template that is also available for other users.
    To do this, set it to "public". "Public in Client" means that also ThinClient users may use the template. 
    Name you template and click save.

Now you can start creating your own coding templates.

Additional Information:

By the way!

You can also create templates from IP ThinClient, but those templates will automatically be set as private and will only be available for the user that creates them.

Database columns:

Personal : if it is a private template, this is set to 1 , if it is public, it is set to 0.
Type: if it is public in client, this is set to 3, if not, this is set to 2.