Prepare yourself for the France 2024 e-Invoicing mandate – notice from Basware

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Prepare yourself for the France 2024 e-Invoicing mandate – notice from Basware:
On 1st July 2024, all companies subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) in France will be obligated to accept e-invoices. Basware is committed to offering a compliant e-invoicing solution in France and becoming a Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP) that the French General Directorate of Public Finance accredits. 
Basware is committed to becoming a Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP) and will apply for this status as soon as the application period is open (projected Spring 2023).  
As a member of the FNFE, the official French National Forum for Electronic Invoicing, and a member of the DGFiP PDP working group, Basware is closely following developments behind the mandate and what they mean in practice to deliver a compliant solution to customers on day one. 
Here are some key milestones in preparation of the mandate: 
 • Q1 2023 – Planning between customers and Basware to begin regarding France 2024 conformity.  
 • Q2 2023 - Basware will apply for the status of Partner Dematerialization Platform (PDP).  
 • Q4 2023 - Basware to initiate customer transformation to reach July ‘24 deadline. 
 • July 2024 – First deadline for compliance.  
Recommended next steps: 
 1. If you are unsure whether this applies to your organization, we recommend completing our self-assessment form
 2. If affected, we recommend contacting your CSM or AE immediately to begin planning a smooth transformation to the new solution. If you are unsure of your Basware contact then please email and we can support you from there. 
 3. Finally, you can read more content of this topic at our France 2024 page
As your partner on this journey to continued compliance, thank you for your attention to this important information.