How can I add, change or remove email address for sending PDF e-invoices?


You want to add, change or remove e-mail addresses to be used to send PDF eInvoices


If you wish to add more email addresses later, go to the Basware Portal and login. Go to the Services tab and select PDF e-Invoice (section: sending invoices).

You can add a new email address by clicking the "+" icon.
To remove an email address that is no longer required, click the "trash" icon


Only one email address needs to register into the Basware Portal. This registered user can afterwards add up to 200 email addresses that can also send PDF eInvoices.
Please note that each e-mail address that gets added, will need to be confirmed

Using a "no.reply" sending email addresses is not recommended. This kind of generic addresses are confirmed only after further investigation and when we are sure the address is valid. The “no.reply” email addresses must be confirmed manually by the support team by raising a case via Basware Support Service.