P2P - Analytics - Download facility on Analytics is failing

What is the issue?

If you are experiencing issues with downloading reports in Analytics (e.g. In Chrome browser the error "download.htm Failed - Need authorization"), please follow the steps mentioned below in this article.

Check this:

This issue is reproducible in the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, and Opera.


Currently, there are 2 workarounds for this issue:

  1. Use a different browser, Firefox or Internet Explorer;
  2. In order to download via Chrome and Edge browsers, please follow these steps:
    1. go to the Downloads section in the browser;
      go to downloads section in your browser
    2. find the download from Analytics and press the link given there;
      click on the link from downloads
    3. that's all, it will download the content from Analytics.

Additional Information:

Please be informed that this issue was already reported as a bug and our responsible team is investigating it.