P2P - IP - BTIPC Import not working


BTIPC import is not working (although the service is running) and in the IPImport.log file, the below error is being logged:

“OpenConnection Opening database connection. ConnectionString: DSN=eflow, UserId: sa, Password:

-2147467259 OpenConnection [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified Failed to open database connection.”


This can happen when urlsave.tmp file gets locked . This can be identified by the timestamp of the urlsave.tmp file. The timestamp will most likely correspond to the timestamp of the last successful transfer.

urlsave.tmp is a temporary file created in BTIPC. This file stores the link to bturl.ini file which has the  details to both the IP DB and the BT connection.


Rename the urlsave.tmp file and re-start the BTIPC service. The BTIPC import should work now.