Finding e-Invoice Addresses of Your Customers

Before sending your first productive invoice, contact your customers and let them know that you will start sending invoices to them by using Basware service.

Request e-invoice addresses or email addresses from your customers.

E-invoice addresses can also be searched in the Basware Portal Business Directory:

  • Open the PDF e-Invoice for Sending service from Basware Portal/Services:
  • Click Search Customers to open the Search Customers tab.
  • Use the Search to find your customers. Your customer's e-invoice address to which you can send PDF invoices can be found in the Company's e-invoice Address column.
  • Write down your customer's e-invoice address.
  • Add the e-invoice address to the invoice.

Please make sure that the recipients’ e-invoice address is in the invoice image with prefix "E:" The recommended location for the customer e-invoice address is in one of the customer address fields and it typically requires updating customer address details in the billing system.

An e-invoice address is a unique number allocated for e-invoice receivers. It is often derived from VAT, DUNS, or another company-unique code.

If a customer does not have e-invoice address available, use the email address instead.

You can also place a text in the layout of your paper invoices where you request your customers to provide their e-invoice address or email address for e-invoicing.