Basware Network - Registration process for PDF e-Invoice for Sending


This article contains information about the Basware PDF e-Invoice registration process.

Registration tutorial available here.


Before you can start sending e-invoices to your customers with Basware PDF e-Invoice service you need to:

  • Sign up for Basware Portal, by following the registration link you have received from your customer either directly, or from Basware on behalf of your customer.

Please note: one cannot register into the Basware Portal without being provided with a registration link coming from the customer.

The registration link is stated within the invitation you will be receiving. If the invite is sent by Basware on behalf of the customer, all you need to do for starting the registration process is to click on the "Start e-invoicing today" button. This is the registration link that will lead you directly into the Basware Portal.


If the invitation is delivered directly by the customer, then the customer itself will state exactly where to click for being directed onto the Basware Portal.

  • On the service landing page, click Get started.

  • On the next page, choose Send PDF invoices by email option and click Let's start.

Create an Account page opens:

   Enter your email address, choose a secure password and create the account. The service sends a confirmation message to your email address. The confirmation message is sent from <> and could end up in your spam filter. Open the confirmation message to activate your account.

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  1. Fill in your company details:

    Now, you must fill in some details about your organization to activate the Basware PDF e-Invoice for Receiving - service. In the Company Details section, fill in your basic organization's details – company identifier, company name and address. Also, the primary contact of your company should be filled in.

  2.  Add email address(es) for PDF invoices:

    You can send invoices to the service only from a registered and confirmed email address. The first email address is registered and confirmed during the service activation.

    If you wish to add more email addresses you have to complete the service activation first and then login to Basware Portal. In the Portal, go to the tab Services and click on the box named PDF e-Invoice. Click on View details. Next, go to section Email addresses for invoicing and click on Add an email address from which you will send invoices to customer.

    You can add up to 200 email addresses here. Each additional email addresses used to send invoices from must be confirmed before invoices can be sent. Invoices sent from non-confirmed address will be rejected.


  3. Activate Basware PDF e-Invoice service.

    Click on Complete button and activate the PDF e-invoice for sending service.

  4. Start sending PDF-invoices:


Now you can go to your email or invoicing software and create a PDF-invoice. More information on how to send PDF invoices to your customer can be found on this article.

For the service to work, the invoices that you send must have the same layout as the first invoice. Because the invoices are read electronically, the content of each invoice must be in machine-readable text format - the invoices cannot be handwritten, scanned or contain the information in image format.

More information in this user guide.