P2P - Buyer Guide - Approval rules


How to add new approval levels.


A pop-up window will be displayed.

Example: Base price increased has been added to the rule level to alert an Approver of any price increases above a nominated %. In this case 10%.


You must now assign a Buyer to approve the changes.

You can continue to add levels, for example a larger price increase may go to a different Approver or any new items added may be another Approval rule which can go to the same or different Approvers.

Quality Scoring Rules:

Quality scoring rules can be added to an approval scheme to monitor the quality of a supplier managed price list.

Buyer administrators can use this tool to enforce a high level of quality for their price lists. If the quality score is too low, the buyer can ask the supplier to improve it by adding pictures and keywords, providing detailed UNSPSC information, and improving other elements.

The buyer can add any of five possible areas to score the price list on. Each area gives a score from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). The average score of the areas can then be seen for each item and the price list as a whole when viewing each price list.

The item scoring is determined by the following criteria:



Keywords - only counted if they are different than the item name:

Item Details: