Import Category Structure from Excel

Release: 16.1

Module(s): Purchase

Feature ID: ALUSTA-826

Now it is possible to create a new or update an existing purchasing category structure by importing an Excel file (.xlsx) directly to P2P > Data Management > Purchase > Purchasing categories. The purchasing category structure can be imported only to the highest level of the organization structure.

  1. Enter P2P > Data Management > Purchase > Purchasing categories (the Manage purchasing categories user right required).
  2. Select Import.
  3. Select an Excel file to be imported. The system accepts only the Excel file template already used by Buyer Catalog Manager.

You see the identical purchasing category structure with each organization unit in the whole corporate.

By default, all new purchasing categories are active and set as valid.

In case of an update, the earlier enriched data for accounts and so on is available for the same purchasing category code.

In History, you can view:

  • When the latest updates and the source was imported and who has imported them. If the source has been Buyer Catalog Manager, it is mentioned. If not specified, the import has been done from an Excel file.
  • Information about the possible failure of purchasing categories's deletion. The deletion fails if the purchasing category is defined as default for an active external webshop or it has been defined on the form properties of an active free-text form.

You can import a maximum of 3 levels and a total of 500 purchasing categories.


For importing purchasing categories, the system accepts only the Excel file template already used by Buyer Catalog Manager.

Basware P2P sorts the imported purchasing categories alphanumerically based on their name. This means that if you want to show purchasing categories in a logical order, you may need to add zeros to purchasing category names that contain numbers. Otherwise, "Company car 2" is shown after "Company car 10".

If you delete the purchasing category, any purchase requisition or purchase order having a deleted purchasing category selected on it, will no longer have the purchasing category selected.