Supplier Guide - Item Directory in Product Manager

Item Directory

The Item Directory is the default page for the Items section. It shows a list of your items that you can search, filter and sort for.

Locating the Item directory

Login to the commerce hub with your Basware account at the following address:

Once logged in select the Product Manager tab at the top of the screen:


From Product Manager, select either of the Items options to go to the Items directory:


Item directory use

Type in the name, item ID, or other search criteria and click “Search” to find your item(s).

For each item, the Directory will show

You can also view between 25 and 100 items per page.

You can apply the following filters to the items:

If you have made changes to published items then clicking Publish Updates will post your changes to the Marketplace.

Clicking Create will allow you to create a new item.

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