Wrong business unit selected


While reviewing the reported quality feedback we identified that the business documents were sent to a wrong business unit. This resulted in business documents being delivered to the wrong company.

There are several ways to send invoices to the data capture service environment. The error can occur both on the supplier side or customer side.


A company consists of multiple sub-companies, each with their own invoicing address and corresponding e-mail addresses where suppliers can submit their business documents to. The wrong business unit could be generated if one of the following mistakes happen.

  1. A sender can use the wrong e-mail address (of sub-company A) when sending the business document (intended for sub-company B) to the data capture service.
  2. Customers who use the Basware CloudScan application select the sub-company before they start scanning the business documents. When the incorrect sub-company is selected, the same error occurs.

Customer actions

This error requires investigation from you as the error occurs before the business documents are sent to the data capture service environment. Please go through the examples which we provided in the reported case to determine how the wrong company could be selected. If the sender sent the business document to the wrong address, please communicate the right contact details for submitting business documents in the future.

Basware actions

This error does not require any actions from Basware.

How can I ask questions or raise suggestions?

If there are any further inquiries related to the "Wrong business unit selected" finding or if you have suggestions, we welcome your feedback. Please contact Basware Support by filing the following support case.

For a comprehensive summary of the renewed quality feedback process and the selected improvements that have been applied please review the Data capture feedback analysis process.