Purchase - How to - Purchase order PDF template types


In Purchase module it is possible to have 3 different types of Purchase Order (PO) PDF templates. 


Standard template

The Standard template has a fixed set of fields that are printed out on the PO PDF. Customer can define some standard texts in header and footer and also add company specific logos. The fields on the PDF cannot be moved or removed.
This type does not require any consulting work and is enabled as the standard option for customers.

Example of a Standard PDF 

Configurable Standard template

The Configurable Standard template has a fixed layout but some columns can be enabled/disabled and printed out in a certain order on the PDF. Customers can define those fields for each company and maintain them via an XML file (Requires System Administrator permission).
This template type requires some consulting work to advise the customer how to take the template into use and how to modify the fields.

What can be configured?

Company specific configuration Configurations are company specific. You can also setup a default configuration for companies that don't have a company specific configuration.
Company logo file name  You need to upload all different logo files with the configuration.
Page size  You can define the height and width in millimeters according to most used paper size in the company's locale, such as A4 for European companies and Letter for North American companies. By switching height and width you can also create PO templates in landscape format.
Tax sum visible  This parameter will determine whether tax amount is printed on the image or not.
Supplier address parts  You can define which address parts should be printed and in which order. You can also define if address part in question should be printed on the same line as previous address part or on a new line.
Delivery address parts  You can define which address parts should be printed and in which order. You can also define if address part in question should be printed on the same line as previous address part or on a new line. If any of the order rows contains a delivery address differing from header delivery address, it will be printed on rows instead of header.
Invoicing address parts  You can define which address parts should be printed and in which order. Invoicing address parts will be printed on on line in the bottom of first page header.
Header fields  Header fields can be defined and in which order they will print in the header. Label names can be configured for each language separately.
Header texts  Longer header text fields can be configured to be printed in the lower part of first page header. These texts do not have labels.
Row additional fields  In addition to standard row fields, you can configure any custom row field to be printed.
Footer texts  Page footer will consist of 3 columns. You can define what is printed in these columns and if the value should be picked from order data or hardcoded in the configuration file.
Terms and Conditions  You can print company specific terms and conditions on additional pages after the purchase order pages.



What cannot be configured?

Examples of Configurable Standard PDF:

Custom template

The Custom template must be created from scratch based on customer requirements. Customers can define the fields and all texts in the desired order and font. Customers can also create more advanced functionalities via XSL templates.

This template type requires 100% consulting work. Typically, the customer presents the desired PDF layout and the consulting team creates the template to ensure compatibility with the Basware system. Depending on the complexity, the template normally takes 2-10 working days to create.

Localization of the text strings:

The texts on the PO PDF are localized and can be modified. For Standard PDF templates this is done via Basware P2P > Configuration Tool > UI Texts

Both Configurable and Custom PDFs have their own localization files which can be modified (subject to access permission) together with all the mandatory files:

Localization of the date and number formats:

Standard and the Configurable templates display the dates and the numbers in the supplier's regional setting format.

There is a tenant setting parameter called OrderPDFDateFormat which allows values "Date" or "DateTime". Depending on the setting the PO creation date will display the date only or the date and the timestamp.
Remember to set the time zone in Basware P2P Administration > Organization for your companies.

With a custom template, customers can create more advanced logic like hardcoding all the date and number formats to one certain format or following the supplier's regional setting.

Instructions to upgrade the PDF template

  1. Go to the Basware Support Portal and click Request a service.
  2. Click New Feature Enablement.
  3. In the Account field, select your account.
  4. In the Business Service field, select Purchase.
  5. In the Mention the required feature to be enabled field, type "PO PDF template".
  6. Click Order Now.
  7. A change request ticket will be created and sent to the Change Request Management team. A Change Request Manager will prepare a quote for the feature enablement and will contact you soon. Creating custom PDF template requires consulting efforts which are invoiced as stated in the quote.