PEPPOL - Guidelines for customers


Basware has a large network, where there are several e-invoice operators like Basware connected directly with each other. In addition to this, Basware e-invoice senders and receivers are connected to the European PEPPOL-network.


Please find below some guidelines on how to activate this in your company - either as a sending and/or receiving invoices via PEPPOL.

Send e-invoices to your customers via PEPPOL:

All Basware's e-invoice sending customers can send invoices to their customers via PEPPOL. However, there is a strict e-invoice data file validation, which means that the invoice data file must meet PEPPOL's criteria. Basware's e-invoice system will send an error report via email to the sender automatically if the invoice is not accepted to be sent to the PEPPOL by Basware.

If this happens, please contact Basware Support and we are happy to assist with this.

Basware's support can evaluate the possible changes to be done to utilize PEPPOL-network for invoice sending. Please also loop in the invoicing system provider to modify the e-invoice data file if needed when contacting Basware's support.

<cbc:EndpointID schemeID="0088">7312345678901</cbc:EndpointID>


Some important identifiers:

Norway 0192
Denmark CVR 9902
Sweden 0007

Netherlands VAT 9944
GLN 0088

For countries using PEPPOL as the standard (such as Norway), it is highly encouraged that all companies start using the PEPPOL-network for sending and receiving e-invoices. But note that even though it is recommended for all companies, it is only mandatory for government institutions to be registered with a PEPPOL access point (B2G).

Receive e-invoices from your suppliers via PEPPOL: