P2P - matching: how to request changes to the report content


This article is to clarify how to request change to the report content from the new matching feature of "PO accrual report" which is available in Alusta 22.2 release. 

For this new feature, customer must be able to view the purchased and received items in manual matching view that they are liable to pay. From the report a customer is able to detect if listed liabilities are still valid and take required actions with the expired liabilities. Normally purchase order lines and goods receipts that remain available for matching yet, this is no longer expected are matched with an internal invoice that results referenced order items to be fully matched.

The columns in the report are configurable.

The default order of the fields in the open PO report is expected to be following:

If customer wants to add or remove columns from the report or adjust the order of the column, customer can request a service from custome service portal as a change request. And it is billable work. 


1, Log in to https://basware.service-now.com/bw?id=bw_csm_index and click on "Request a service" from the menu bar.


2, Choose the "Custom Change Request" form


3, Fill in the change request. 


4, After you have filled in all the details and verifiy the form content. You can click "Order Now" button at the end of the form to submit the request. Our CR manager will contact you after evaluating the request. 


Additional Information:

P2P - matching : what to do when built-in open PO accrual report stops working because of the limit, BWKB0017978