P2P - Manage External Webshops


On the External webshops page, you can create and manage external webshops. External webshops (also known as punchouts) provide access to content that can be purchased and that is maintained by suppliers in their own online shops. 

Before creating a new external webshop in Basware P2P, contact your supplier to get the necessary punchout information.

Note: You cannot edit an existing webshop if a user has items from the webshop in the shopping basket.


To access the page, you need the Manage external webshops user right.

  1. Click next to the user menu on the right-hand side.
  2.  Select Data management and then External webshops in the Purchasing section.
  3. To add an external webshop, click Create.
  4. Add the necessary header data. The available fields are: 
    External webshop name * Type the name that Basware P2P users see when viewing external webshops. 
    Description (Optional) Type a description of what goods or services that webshop provides. 
    Organization * Select the organization that this webshop is available for. 
    Apply to lower organizations Select Yes if the organization selected is a parent organization, and the webshop should also be available for its lower (child) organizations. 
    Set as Marketplace Select Yes only if the webshop is Basware Marketplace. If another supplier's webshop is set as Marketplace, the system's stability cannot be guaranteed.
    Default category Select the default category for items ordered from the webshop. This value is used only if the system cannot determine the item category based on the product classification received from the webshop.
    Supplier Select the supplier that should be used if the system cannot identify the supplier automatically based on the DUNS code received from the webshop.
    Price type Select if the item prices sent from the webshop to Basware P2P are Net prices or Gross prices.
    HTTP method * Select if the HTTP method used to connect to the supplier webshop is Get or Post. Contact your supplier to confirm the correct setting.
    URL * Enter the webshop's URL, as provided by the supplier.
    Username * Enter the username to log in to the external webshop, as provided by the supplier. 
    Password * Enter the password to log in to the external webshop, as provided by the supplier.
    Keywords Enter keywords, separated by spaces, to help users find the webshop. If users search those keywords from the Purchasing search bar, the webshop displays in their search results.
  5. Click Outbound fields to configure the outbound OCI data fields.
    Outbound fields typically store username and password credentials, with which Basware P2P logs in to the supplier's webshop. The fields can also include language or geographic information, depending on the supplier's webshop setup. Contact your supplier to get the correct configuration for these fields. 
  6. Click Inbound fields to edit the inbound OCI data fields.
    Inbound fields contain the information for the items the user is ordering from the webshop. By default, 18 inbound fields are configured for all new external webshops, based on OCI standards. Fields can be modified or created based on the information the supplier's webshop provides back to Basware P2P. Contact your supplier to get the correct configuration for these fields. 

    1. None of the inbound field mappings are mandatory, but Basware recommends having at least the following mappings for every webshop. 
      OCI field Purchase requisition field
       NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION Supplier product name
       NEW_ITEM-QUANTITY Quantity 
       NEW_ITEM-UNIT QuantityUnit 
       NEW_ITEM-PRICE UnitPrice 
       NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY CurrencyCode 
       NEW_ITEM-VENDOR Supplier
  7. Click Save
  8. To activate the webshop so that it is available for users, click Activate. 

To edit an existing external webshop, click the desired webshop on the External webshops page and then edit the data. Finally, click Save.