Welcome to Basware Customer Support!

Welcome to Basware Customer Support! 

We are here to help you with your questions, anytime! Below, we have collected information, which we consider to be beneficial for you. Reading those articles (or short videos) through will ensure, that you will have the best possible start with us. Please start your journey by watching the following video:

Where to start? Good to go through right away:

What should I do when I need help regarding Basware -solutions?

Basware Support Portal is main source of information. You can visit our Knowledge Base, check the planned maintenance activities, log a case or chat with us, all in the same tool. Support Portal can be accessed in https://basware.service-now.com/bw.


How can I contact Basware Support?


How do I search for the information in the Support Portal?


How can I log a support case?


What information is required, when logging a Case?


What does the Urgency mean in the Case form?


What is the difference between Case and Request Item?


How can I manage my open Tickets in Support Portal?


How can I request a new user account to Support Portal?


I am a new user and I do not have user account to Support Portal. What should I do?


How to reset my password in Support Portal?


How to submit a Change Request?


How to initiate a chat with the support team?

All above is clear, and you are familiar with the basics? Awesome, then please continue from here:

Is there a way to check, from Support Portal, what is the status of my Basware Services?


I received an email, where I am asked to provide feedback regarding the Case or Change Request handling. What is it about?


I saw in the Support Portal a ticket called “Incident” and the number started with BWIN. What is that and what actions are expected from me?


I would like to add a new person to be part of the existing discussion on a specific Case. A person does not have access to Support Portal? What should I do?


Is it possible to know, in advance, when there will be a maintenance break?


My case was set as “Resolved”, but I would like to reopen it. Is it possible?


What is the SLO for our cases?


Ready to know more?

I am eager to know what new features will be in the next versions. How can I access that information?


I have questions regarding an invoice, that was sent by Basware. Who should I contact?


How often our services are upgraded?


What are the Technical Requirements on our side?