End of Support Announcements

On this page, you can find announcements about features or technologies to be deprecated in the near future.


ID Item Type Announcement Date End of Life Platform
N/A End of support for P2P Workplace End of support December 2021 22.9 On-site, SaaS
ALUSTA-91420 End of life for on-premise versions of Basware anyERP integration product End of support November 2021 Q2/2022 On-site
N/A .NET connector-based integration to SAP End of support February 2020 26 March 2021 SaaS
ALUSTA-40649 SAP ECC 5.0 support deprecation End of support N/A 18.11 SaaS
ALUSTA-29683 Oracle 11g R2 support deprecation End of support N/A Q3/2018 On-site
ALUSTA-18885 Removing old Storage service Deprecated feature N/A Q4/2017 SaaS
ALUSTA-9024 Mobile to be replaced in SaaS Deprecated feature N/A 16.8 SaaS

Deprecated Items

End of support for P2P Workplace

Basware support for P2P Workplace ends 31.12.2021. The actual end of life is with the release 22.9. The end of life of Configuration Tool is with the release 23.1.


End of life for on-premise versions of Basware anyERP integration product

As of 1st May 2022, the Basware anyERP on-premise integration product will reach its end of life. This means that Basware will no longer provide new licenses, installations of updates, and support services for the product.

If you still have the Basware anyERP on-premise product in use, now it is time to plan a migration to another integration product. If you need advice on this topic, you can contact Basware (your personal Customer Success Manager or Basware Support).


.NET connector-based integration to SAP

This is a notification that Basware will no longer support .NET Connector-based integration to SAP as of 26 March 2021. Starting on this date, we will no longer support any integrations with Basware P2P cloud services that use the SAP .NET Connector.

Basware will replace the .NET Connector with the modern web services-based integration method that includes the same functionality and uses the same SAP functions. The new integration method is fully tested and already used by many of our customers. The certification process for this integration method is ongoing. Basware also offers REST API or XML-based integration methods as alternatives alongside the SAP-specific method.

In practice, this announcement means that after the strict deadline of 26 March 2021 the .NET Connector-based integration to SAP cannot be used anymore, and must be migrated to the new method. If you need to move your SAP integration to the new web services-based method, you will not need to change your licenses or purchase any additional SAP products. Basware will contact you if you currently use a .NET Connector integration to agree on the timeline and details for moving your integration. Meanwhile, if you have any questions please contact your Customer Service Manager.


SAP ECC 5.0 support deprecation

SAP ECC 5.0 support in P2P SaaS is deprecated in release 18.11. After that we will no longer support direct integration between Basware P2P and SAP ECC 5.0 using Basware SAP add-on package.

Integration to SAP ECC 5.0 will still be possible using file transfer over SFTP. Any changes required to current integration will need to be separately planned and agreed with Basware.


Oracle 11g R2 support deprecation

Oracle 11g R2 support is deprecated Q3/2018. After that new P2P releases are no more extensively tested on Oracle 11g R2 and Basware support may not be able to solve Oracle 11g R2 related issues. Oracle 12 will be the supported Oracle release for on-premise installations.

Please plan your on-premise platform maintenance accordingly. Basware software as a service customers do not need to react to this change as Basware handles platform support as part of the service.


Removing old Storage service

The Basware P2P service offering is streamlined by removing the support for the old invoice Storage service. The majority of customers are already using other services for accessing old invoices. The few affected customers will be contacted individually by Basware to agree on replacement services.


Mobile to be replaced in SaaS

Basware Mobile clients that were installed on Apple or Android devices and used for Basware Purchase-to-Pay (Alusta) access will be replaced with Basware Edge. Basware Edge is a browser-based client application designed for mobile devices and does not need installation on the device. Basware Edge fully replaces the Basware Mobile Client functionality and extends the possibilities to utilize mobile devices.

When deprecation of service for the Basware Mobile client takes place in Basware Alusta SaaS service, the Basware Mobile clients will not be able to access the service anymore and will show communication errors.