Product Manager - Require approval for agent agreements

To set up approvals for agent agreements, you must first create the approval scheme you want to be used. After it is created, you can add it to agent agreements.

You must have the Product Management role to manage approval schemes. To create an approval scheme:

  1. Click Product Manager Approvals.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Type a name and description for the approval scheme. Make sure the scheme name is easily recognizable to you and your administrators.
  4. Click Save. The approval scheme's details display and the Default level is created. The Default level is mandatory for all approval schemes.
  5. Configure the following options for the Default level:
    • Auto switched to on: all changes made to the agreements are automatically approved and updated on Marketplace. Click to select one or more buyer administrators who will be notified by email if a price list changes. The selected administrators do not need to take any action since the changes are automatically approved.
    • Auto switched to off: Click to choose at least one buyer administrator who can approve changes to the agreements' price lists. One of the selected administrators must approve any price changes, added items, or removed items.
  6. If needed, click Add level to add an additional level of approvals. You can add up to four additional approval levels. To configure an approval level:
    1. Click in the Rules section to display all possible rules. Rules are changes to the price list for which an administrator's approval can be required.
    2. Click to select a rule. The available rule options are:
      • Item added - Any item is added to the price list.
      • Item removed - Any item is removed from the price list.
      • Base price increased - The base price of any item is increased by a defined percentage.
      • Base price decreased - The base price of any item is decreased by a defined percentage.
      • Base units - The number of base units in the price list changes.
      • Base unit of measure - The base unit of measure for any item changes.
      • Price on request - An item in the price list is set to use Price on Request.
  7. To add more rules to the level, click the green + again and add an additional rule.
  8. Click in the Approvers section to display all possible approvers.
  9. Click to select an approver. To add more approvers, click the green + in the Approvers section again and add an additional approver.
  10. To remove any rules or approvers, click -
  11. When all configurations to the approval scheme are complete, click Save.

The approval scheme is created. It is now available to use for any organization or agent agreement. To attach the approval scheme to an agent agreement:

  1. Click Product Manager Agreements.
  2. Find the agreement you want to add an approval scheme to and click the gear icon. 
  3. Click the gear icon in the Approvals section.
  4. Find the approval scheme that you want to use. You can search by keywords or sort by Name or Last modified.
  5. When you find the approval scheme you want to use, click the gear icon beside it to view or edit the approval scheme.
  6. When the approval scheme is ready to be used, click the blue to add the approval scheme to the agreement.
  7. Click Done.