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From the links on this page, you can find articles that guide you in using the functionalities in the Edge user interface.

For Finnish articles, click here. / Suomenkieliset artikkelit löydät täältä.


If the functionality you are looking for cannot be found, please go to the Workplace user interface following the link on the Edge Home page.

  • Purchasing:

Create Marketplace Requisitions

Create External Webshop Requisitions

Create Free-Text Requisitions

Edit Purchase Requisition Details

Receive Goods

  • Free-Text Form Administration:

Import Free-Text Forms

Create Free-Text Forms

  • Invoicing:

Find Invoices

Review Invoices

Approve Invoices

Forward Invoices

Reject Invoice Tasks

  • Coding:

Use Smart Coding

Add, Edit, Delete, and Duplicate Coding Rows

Import/Export Coding

  • Data Management:

Manage External Webshops

  • General:

Comment Documents

Start Discussions and Reply to Them