NETWORK - SmartPDF - Optimized data capture processing flow

SmartPDF combines three data capture technologies Optical Character Recognition (OCR), machine-readable PDF layout mapping and AI. Before, these were offered as two separate services (Scan and Capture, and PDF e-invoice). SmartPDF provides easy-to-use optimized data capture processes.

All of the business documents are first routed to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) flow, and in case the document is a machine-readable PDF, the mapping countdown will start. The most optimized data capture process is where the business document (invoice/credit invoice) layout is mapped to the automatic processing system.

Requirements for mapping:
- The PDF must be machine-readable
- 5 business documents (layout) processed in a single calendar month

A business document can be an invoice or credit invoice, and several different suppliers can send it to count towards a minimum of 5 processed documents per layout. The Basware's system will flag automatically such layout which is eligible for layout mapping. All customers using SmartPDF are sharing the layout pool.

The layout is typically related to the invoicing system (ERP). Layouts might have company-specific changes even if two suppliers are using the same invoicing system. The mapping is done in the metadata side which is not visible to the human eyes, meaning that there is structured data behind the PDF file. It might seem that the two documents have the same layout with human eyes, but the visible version is a visualization of the structured data that could be differently constructed.