P2P - How to search for users, user groups, user roles


This article guides the users to search for users, user groups, user roles and user rights from Admin mode in AP.


  1. Under the Users tab, search for the concerned user.
  2. Then check for user groups assigned to that user.

  1. Once you know the user groups assigned to the concerned user, navigate to user groups under the users tab and search for the groups you observed in Step 2.

  1. The next step is to check for the roles assigned to a user group. We can check for the role name under the Roles in the Organization tab. For example, in the below screenshot, the role name is ‘Display Users’.

  1. Under the User Roles section (see screenshot below), select the user role(as observed from step 4) and then the user rights can be checked concerning different modules in AP.

  1. If the granted check box is ticked, the user right is granted under the concerned user role.

NOTE: For approve invoices user role, a limit is also defined as shown below:

Limits to approve invoices can be checked as shown above.


 = Personal Mode

= Professional Mode

7. Administrators can grant admin rights to another user, go to the system users tab and select the Administrators option. From there, you can give admin access based on your business needs. 

Additional Information:

Admin users/Administrators in AP can grant Administrator access to other users as and when required and can add/update/delete users, and grant/revoke their user rights(as per requirement).