How Will Your Customer Receive Their e-Invoices Sent by You?

If you use your customer’s e-invoicing address in the invoice, it is delivered according to recipient’s preference. If you use your customer’s email address in the invoice, customer will receive the first e-invoice by email as default.

The email also contains a link to Basware Portal in case the recipient wants to view all available invoice documents in Basware Portal, or if they want to change the service settings, for example to add or change email recipients.

In addition, the email contains a button which the recipient can use to confirm that they have received the invoice. This is, however, a voluntary step; therefore the monitoring tool shows all unconfirmed invoices with the status Delivered, and not as Received. Basware Portal does not send reminders to email recipients.

Basware is not responsible for undelivered invoices caused by the recipient’s email/attachment filtering.

If the email message bounces, that is, if the email cannot be delivered to the recipient due to an invalid email address or a technical error in email delivery, Basware Portal sends a notification to the invoice sender. If the recipient has registered additional email addresses to the service, all bounced email messages are reported to the sender.

Basware Portal changes the delivery status of the invoices from Delivered to Failed only if the email sent to the main recipient bounces.