Business document handling

Business document handling

Basware offers paper and email processing services globally. However, it should be kept in mind that paper is going away rapidly, and once taking the Basware service in use the supplier should be notified that invoices need to be sent via email. There are regions where paper invoicing is the only option and these are accommodated at Basware. For email capturing, there are two to three technologies – optical and machine-readable for basic capturing. The third technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The supplier can send anything to the invoicing address, and there need to be guidelines for each type of document or package. It’s recommended to scan all of the documents received at the invoice address. This will ensure fast document delivery. If there is any document that the hard copy of the paper document is required, then it can be ordered via Basware support.


Invoice is often stated on the document’s headline and it’s processed via data capturing and delivered to the receiving invoice payable system. There might be suppliers who are using another word than invoice as a headline, and these need to be described in order for the documents to be processed as invoices. If the document is not categorized as an invoice, it can be still processed as “non-invoice” and delivered electronically.


Any other document that is received will be processed, but there is no validation done to the document. Meaning, that the default values are included in the data file.

Exceptional material

It’s likely, that a paper invoicing address is used for a delivery address accidentally. If the receiving company can be identified from the recipient slip, the paper scanning facility will forward the received item to the main contact address. Typically this address is the main office of the customer and it’s addressed for the finance department. Please make sure, that the return address is identified to Basware. Basware will charge an exceptional handling fee for the delivery.

Invoice labeling (before scanning)

As an additional service, a label with a unique number can be added to the invoice before scanning. Typically, stickers are used for labeling. In some countries customer is expected to provide the stickers, in which case the customer is responsible for delivering the stickers to the scan center, monitoring the number of used stickers, and proactively delivering refills.

The invoice labeling service is available in Australia, Czech, Hungary, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines, Portugal, Spain, and Malaysia.

Invoice Definition

By default, a document is classed as an invoice if it is a(n):

Describe any other documents that might be received which should be classed as invoices in the data capture guide.

Non-Invoice Definition

Any document type not listed above will be classed as a non-invoice and sent to the non-invoice process. Common examples include:

Describe any other documents that might be received which should be considered non-invoices in the data capture guide.

* Invoice definition for North American invoices

Certain statements treated as invoices:
A statement is a difficult category as in many cases, such as a "bank statement", it is not an option and is considered as a non-Invoice. However, "utility invoices" often have "statement" written on the document. Suppliers that fall into this category would be phone companies that almost always have "statement" on their invoices as a headline. These documents should be processed as an invoice. If a document that has "statement" on it has the word/s: Gas, Electric, Water, Sewage, Cable, Garbage, Heat, or Internet. If a "statement" has one or more of those words, it is typically an invoice and should be handled as such. "Credit card statements" are to be handled as an invoice. Statements normally have payment stubs on them.