P2P Purchase - How to - Supplier not identified when creating requisition with Marketplace items


This article describes a common problem when a supplier is not identified in Basware P2P when transferring items from Basware Marketplace. This problem exists if you or your users have ordered items from Marketplace, created a purchase requisition in Basware Purchase, and one or more items ordered from Marketplace do not have a supplier. 


This issue typically occurs because the Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) number set for the supplier in Marketplace does not match the DUNS number set in Basware P2P Administration. To fix the issue, ensure that the DUNS numbers match in both places:

Check the DUNS number set for the supplier in Marketplace:

  1. Open the agreement in Marketplace > Product Manager. 
  2. Find the supplier DUNS number:


  1. Open Marketplace > Directory. 
  2. Search for a supplier and find their DUNS number:

Check the DUNS number set for the supplier in Basware P2P Administration:

  1. Go to Basware P2P > > Basware P2P Administration.
  2. Go to Suppliers.
  3. Select the administrative site for the supplier that you want to find. 
  4. Find the supplier and click their name from the list. 
  5. In the supplier information panel, click the Identifiers tab. 

The DUNS information there should match the DUNS that you found for the supplier in Marketplace. 

If the DUNS does not exist in Basware P2P Administration, click to add it. 

If the DUNS does not match the DUNS found in Marketplace, verify the correct DUNS number from the supplier. Then: 

Note that each DUNS number must be unique within the same organization in Basware P2P Administration and the DUNS number must always be exactly 9 digits.

Additional Information:

DUNS is mandatory information when suppliers are registering in Basware Marketplace.
Check if a supplier exists in your Community / Marketplace