Service Termination Request Guidelines


If a customer wishes to terminate Basware services either fully or partially, this can be done through the Basware Support Portal by logging a case for Basware to process.

It is important to understand that when this form is used to terminate service it will result in terminating one product fully, multiple products fully or the full customer relationship with Basware.

NOTE: If the customer only wants to terminate a business unit or an account, but service is still needed, then a change request must be created instead of a termination request.

When terminating any service, Basware always need to have certain information from the customer side to terminate the correct services. It is also very important that once a customer terminates, it is done according to the contract. Often there is a termination period or contract period that should be taken into consideration when terminating.

Before terminating, it is important to know that the person who is creating the request can, from a legal perspective, terminate on behalf of the customer. If this is not sure, then it is a good idea to ask someone else to terminate, somebody that is authorized to perform such actions on behalf of the company.

How to fill in the Service Termination Request in practice:

Once the Request is opened via the Portal, the customer is prompted with a form to complete. This ensures that Basware can do all the necessary activities: validate the request, terminate the services, terminate invoicing, provide all the necessary data, and document the termination request.

After this, the form can be filled in. This Knowledge Base article can be opened alongside to help with completing the termination form.

NOTE: If AP automation Services are terminated, then it is critical that Basware receives information regarding the data transfers from AP automation systems. These details must be completed in the fields AP automation Invoicing Data and AP automation Database Data. If data is needed, then the contact person field will be visible. It is critical for the customer to add a correct e-mail address here for the Basware team to communicate further regarding the data transfers.

These questions are critically important. If it is chosen that data is not needed, this data will not be available after the termination. The data will be fully removed after the termination.

When the form is completed with all the details, pressing “Order Now” will push the request forward for Basware to process.

During the process, the customer will receive notifications:

  1. when the termination request is validated,
  2. when Basware is in progress of terminating and
  3. when Basware has completed the termination.

During the process, Basware teams might also contact the customer for any further questions.