How to get the User Login History Reports from P2P administration


This article describes how to obtain the ‘Login history’ report from the P2P Administration system. The user's successful/unsuccessful login and login/Logout time histories are documented in this report.

Instruction: User must contact their company administrator if they do not have access rights to the "User Login History" report or connect with the company administrator for User Login History Reports.


Steps: How to Retrieve the Report

To choose the organization, the user can obtain the records. Excel format is used for exporting the report.



There are several filters available to get the User Login History Report.

1. Login user: The customer can obtain the Login History report by searching with the First Name or Last Name in the 'Login User' search option.



2. Entry type: With the below-provided section, the user can look for and obtain the records listed below.


3. Entry Date: The customer can search records from the chosen periods by using the Entry Criteria.