P2P-PM-Some images are not showing in PM catalog .

Some images are not showing in PM catalog but when you click image url in excel file which was sent by customer it shows image.
The excel file which was send by customer, after investigating the files we found that the image which is not showing when you click on that image URL from excel sheet it opens different image URL not the excel sheet image Url(Please see that in screenshot) and the URL that opens after clicking it has the image that's why it is showing image when you open image from excel sheet.
We have also checked that in Bcatman, when we click that image URL which is showing in Bcatman does not show the image.
So we asked customer to please check the excel file and update it.
See the attached screenshot.
Note:When you hover the excel url it is showing different url in comparison to the url that is in excel file.
Excel File