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Start to send e-invoices with your service provider:
Here is how you can connect to your Customer who uses Basware Network to receive e-invoices:


Ready to connect with your customer?
These instructions are for suppliers, who have been invited to send e-invoices to their Customer and are already using an e-invoicing service provider. Please read these guidelines and you will know how to proceed to send an e-invoice to Basware customers part of Basware Network.

STEP 1. Ensure that you have all needed information from your customer

Before initiating e-invoicing to your customer, please ensure that you have agreed about this change with your customer. Check that your customer has provided you with at least the following information:

Customer company name, E-invoicing address, contact person/details, content requirements.

STEP 2. Ensure that your service provider is already connected to Basware network

See the list of existing partner network and locate your e-invoicing service provider. If your partner is on this list, your partner is in Basware Network.

If your service provider is not on this list, please ask them to fill in this Operator Questionnaire (please find it attached), and to follow the instructions.

If your service provider is not on the list and is unwilling to connect to Basware, please consider the free of charge sending options your customer is offering or read more about what Basware offers.

STEP 3. Contact your service provider

After verifying that your service provider is part of  Basware Network, please contact your Service provider for more instructions for how to start with e-invoicing to a Basware customer. Ask your service provider to route the e-invoices to the Basware customer. Ensure that you have your customer’s e-invoicing addresses and other content requirements available.

Basware has agreed with all Network Partners how to exchange electronic invoices. As a supplier, you don´t need to know in which format your customer receives an e-invoice. Basware will take care of the rest in relation to your customer. All you need to do is to ensure that your service provider can deliver your e-invoices to Basware.

STEP 4. Create an e-invoice  

Create an e-invoice: Generate an e-invoice according to the instructions from your customer and service provider. Ask the service provider to route the e-invoice to your customer. It is necessary to include all mandatory fields into the e-invoice and to use the correct e-invoice address. Basware validates the invoice, according to the customer’s requirements, and forwards it to the customer. It is recommended to ask your customer to verify that the first e-invoice has been received correctly. Then you can be sure that the e-invoice has been received, that the customer approves the content and agrees the start of sending e-invoices in full scale.

Test invoices: Many of Basware's customers do not require test-invoices. If testing is necessary, generate a test invoice according to the customer’s content requirements and send it to the customer according to the instructions you have received. It is highly recommended to type "TEST" somewhere in the invoice fields both in header and line level to indicate that the invoice is just for testing purposes.  Inform your customer about the test invoices in advance. Your customer approves the contents or asks you to modify the test invoice, and agrees the start of sending e-invoices in full scale.

STEP 5. Start sending e-invoices!

Once your e-invoice has been approved by your customer, please start to send all invoices as e-invoices. If your customer has several organizations, please ensure that you start e-invoicing to all customer organizations listed in the customer’s list for e-invoicing addresses.



Frequently asked questions

I do not know whom to contact at my customer for initiating e-invoicing?
Answer: If your customer has requested your organization to start einvoicing, please review the document provided by you customer for contact details. For more contact details, liaise with your sourcing department, sales and other customer management for contact details.

I do not know whom to contact at my service provider for initiating e-invoicing?
Answer: Contact your account manager at the service provider for help.

My customer has several customer organizations, how can I make sure I convert all of them to e-invoicing?
Answer: Ask your customer to provide a list of it's entity structure with corresponding e-invoice addresses.

How do I know my einvoice has gone through?
Answer: Please ask for confirmation from your customer.

What do I do if my invoice does not go through?
Answer: Contact your service provider for status and support.

What do I do if I can’t comply with the requirements of my customer?
Answer: Contact your customer and agree how to proceed.

What do I do if my service provider is unable to route the invoices to my customer? 
Answer: Assign your service provider to contact Basware or consider the free of charge sending options our customer provides