How to find user guides in Basware Portal?


This article contains information about how to access "User Guides" in Basware Portal (


  1. Login to the Basware portal:
  2. Click on the user icon (top right) and go to the Help section

  3.  A new window Basware Network Online Help will open.
         Here you can find all information about various tabs and instructions for performing the most common user tasks.

  4. To access user guides, go to the About Basware Network support documentation section.

  5.  There are two types of user guides available:

    1.  User guide: It contains general instructions for Basware Network (Portal) like the details present in the online help window. 


    2.  Basware User Guidance: These user guides are for specific services (eg. Scan & Capture, Vault, Supplier/Vendor manager, Smart PDF, etc) in Portal and customers can refer to the guides as per the service they are using in Portal. Guides are also available in multiple languages.