Basware Purchase-to-Pay 16.1 - New Features Document



This document contains descriptions of new features in Purchase-to-Pay 16.1.

AP Automation

2.1 Cancel and Resend Invoices That Are Waiting for Goods Receipts

Module(s): Match Orders
Feature ID: ALUSTA-2607

The user can now cancel and resend an invoice with status Waiting for goods receipts in the Matching view. This means that the current invoice process is canceled and the invoice is returned to the beginning of the process. Previously, the Cancel and Resend action was disabled when the invoice status was Waiting for goods receipts.

2.2 Purchase Order or Purchase Order Item Total Is Zero (0)

Module(s): Match Orders
Feature ID: ALUSTA-2293

The purchase order line total can now be zero (0). In the Matching view, users can now match an invoice and invoice line with a purchase order line and goods receipt with a sum of zero, but they can also change it if needed by adjusting the value. 

Previously, the system prevented an association between the invoice and the purchase order with a sum of 0. The system did not allow purchase orders that had items with a sum of zero to be even imported in the system.

Validation errors should occur if they are active. Automatic matching results in the Incorrect sum or quantity to match error when the purchase order referred to in the invoice contains a sum of zero in items matching the invoice details.

2.3 Routing Invoices to Workflow if Automatic Matching Fails

Module(s): Match Plans
Feature ID: ALUSTA-1263

Now there is a new Matching tab in the Payment Plan Details view. On the Matching tab, a Professional Mode user can define whether an invoice is routed to manual matching or to workflow if the automatic payment plan matching fails. Moreover, the user can define one or many task recipients if the user wants to route the invoices to the workflow.

A Basware consultant configures the invoice process so that this feature can be taken into use.

2.4 Change Organization Unit as a Batch

Module(s): Invoice Automation
Feature ID: ALUSTA-1243

The Update Invoice Type action has been enhanced by enabling this action for a batch of invoices. With the Update Organization and Invoice Type action up to 2 000 invoices can now be updated with a new invoice type and placed into a new organization. Earlier it was possible for a single invoice only. This function is available on the Received list page.

2.5 Associate Purchase Order Line or Goods Receipt Many Times with the Same Invoice

Module(s): Match Orders
Feature ID: ALUSTA-1157

Users can now match an invoice and invoice line many times with the same purchase order line or goods receipt in the Matching view. Each action will create a new association between the invoice and the purchase order at hand. Based on the matched quantity and sum, coding rows for every individual association are created accordingly. Previously, the system prevented many associations and users were forced to code part of the invoice manually. This resulted in incorrect matching statuses for both invoice and purchase order. 

2.6 Self-Billing Legal Compliance

Module(s): Match Plans
Feature ID: ALUSTA-1002

Self-billing payment plans have been enhanced by adding a support for invoice lines. A new Invoice Lines tab is available in all Payment Plan Detail views making it possible for a professional mode user to define the invoice lines. 

Self-billing invoice generation has been enhanced by copying the invoice lines from the payment plan to the invoice. Moreover, the self-billing invoice’s image can now be customized. It is possible to define for example header data fields, line level fields, location of the fields, and other styling to the invoice image. The customization is done by a consultant. Earlier, the self-billing payment plans did not support the invoice lines and self-billing invoice’s image was not customizable.

Professional mode user can now also define whether changes in a payment plan’s invoice lines require the payment plan’s reapproval. This setting is defined in the Reapproval Settings page under the Data Management.

Australian Business Number can now be defined to suppliers and organizations on the Identifiers tab in Basware P2P Administration.


2.7 External Validation Enhancements

Module(s): Match Plans
Feature ID: ALUSTA-868

Budget-based payment plans have been enhanced by adding a support for external validation in coding rows. Previously, warning messages were not shown correctly. Now warning messages in external validation are shown in all payment plan types.

3 Procurement

3.1 Import Category Structure by Excel

Module(s): Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-826

Now it is possible to create a new or update an existing purchasing category structure by importing an Excel file (.xlsx) directly to P2P Data Management Purchase's Purchasing categories. The purchasing category structure can be imported only to the highest level of the organization structure.

Self-service instructions to take the feature into use

3.2 Basic External Webshop Requisitions in Edge

Module(s): Purchase
Feature ID: ALUSTA-542

Users can access external webshops from Basware Edge Shop with different devices and browsers and import products to back Basware shopping cart. From the shopping cart, users can send the imported products as a purchase requisition to workflow.

Imported products can be removed from the cart but they cannot be otherwise modified. If there are existing items in the shopping cart, only products having the same currency are imported from the external webshop.

External webshops are configured into Edge Shop the same way as in the Workplace Shop. Note that in this release Edge Shop's shopping cart displays only gross price for items. Thus, the external webshop's price type should be configured to gross price. If net prices are imported instead, the shopping cart calculates the gross price, if the imported items include tax percent information. If the tax percent is not imported, the price cannot be calculated.

3.3 Edge Shopping Cart

Module(s): Purchase
Feature IDs: ALUSTA-397, ALUSTA-403, ALUSTA-760

The basic shopping cart function in Edge Shop allows users to add catalog products into the cart and send them as a single purchase requisition to workflow. Previously, users had to create purchase requisitions for each catalog item separately. Users can now also change the quantity of an item before adding items to the cart and edit the quantities in the cart. Each addition into the shopping cart creates a new line so that users can order the same item to several different delivery locations with one purchase requisition.

Check shopping cart total and cart item count in Edge Shop

The shopping cart view now displays the lead time, gross total, and text total in Edge Shop. Also the shopping cart item count is now displayed on the shopping cart icon.

Permission code support for Edge Shop

Previously, Edge Shop did not resolve approvers for purchase requisition lines as configured in the Advanced User Rights table. Now, approvers are resolved for each line according to the rules in the Order now dialog. The user can also override the line-specific default approvers by selecting a single approver for all the lines. 

4 Integrations

4.1 Advanced User Rights - Excel Import

Module(s): P2P Admin
Feature ID: ALUSTA-1015

Support has been added to P2P Admin to import advanced user rights through an Excel template. The Excel template can be created by downloading the existing table content (also applicable if no entries exist). New entries or changes can then be made to the table, and this Excel file can be imported to P2P Admin. The Excel template will be validated during the import, and errors will prevent a successful import. Errors in the file are accessible, and need to be corrected first before the import can be completed.


5.1 Technical Requirements - P2P Supports Only IE11

Module(s): Platform
Feature ID: ALUSTA-1366

Basware will start following Microsoft’s guidance and support officially only version 11 of Internet Explorer. It may be possible to continue the use of Basware products with earlier Internet Explorer versions but full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

You will not get any security updates after January if you do not upgrade to a supported Microsoft Browser. Basware strongly recommends all customers to upgrade their Internet Explorer browsers to version 11. You could also use other supported browsers.

IE 11 can be used in “Enterprise mode” where it will run solutions not supporting IE 11. System administrators can enable Enterprise mode for all users.