Data capture service feedback error reporting code list inside Alusta P2P

When the business document is received in the invoice processing software P2P, the user processing the invoice should mark any data capture errors within the P2P. Reporting feedback helps to ensure quality and provide learning, for example, towards AI. When reporting, the user should edit the invoice inside P2P and move it forward. A business document should not be re-sent to the data capture service if there are capturing errors. The idea is to process the document forward and give feedback so that the next time the same supplier's document arrives, it will be more accurate.

When reporting an error, please report either the most significant error or multiple errors via error code 90, but then always write down the field names where the error occurs. If the field is unavailable in the drop-down list, it's a custom field. In such a scenario, the error code 999 needs to be selected, and it's mandatory to write down the field's name and the expected value.

The difference between missing and wrong in the error code list is that missing means that the field was empty inside P2P and wrong means that a populated value needs to be replaced in the P2P. It's likely in such a case that the P2P changes the captured field value when the data file is imported from the Basware Network services to the invoice processing system P2P. The given feedback is used first to check the data capturing, but if no error is found on the data capture side, the reported error is also investigated from the import part.

Here is the list of the error codes, and explanations