Duplicate invoice


While reviewing the reported quality feedback, we identified one or more documents that have been submitted multiple times by the sender of the business document.


  1. The sender has mistakenly sent the business document multiple times to the data capture service, which results in the duplicates being delivered to your Invoice Processing system.
  2. The sender of the business document has sent the business document once to the data capture service via email. However, they have also added your company email address as CC so that a copy will be sent to your business as well. This copy might have been mistakenly sent to the data capture service by someone in your business. This will result in a duplicate delivery, as the service will also process the original business document from the supplier.
  3. The supplier is resending the previously sent invoice as a reminder instead of sending an actual reminder invoice.

Customer actions

Please get in touch with the sender of the business document to better understand the reason for the duplicate(s).

Basware actions

This error does not require any actions from Basware.

How can I ask questions or raise suggestions?

If there are any further inquiries related to the "Duplicate invoice" finding or if you have suggestions, we welcome your feedback. Please contact Basware Support by filing the following support case.

For a comprehensive summary of the renewed quality feedback process and the selected improvements that have been applied please review the Data capture feedback analysis process.