New Loader in Marketplace

Starting with release 22.9, the Marketplace Loader will become the standard loading application for the system. Links and menus for loading will all point to the new loader page.

Loader has been available for some time and is described in the following article: Uploading content with the Loader

Loader supports uploading both the new Super Content Loader (SCL) file formats and the older Content Loader files. Content Loader will continue to be a valid format to load files, but will not be extended to support new functionality, keep up with new Windows versions, etc. Content Loader templates will no longer be available to download from Product Manager.

To use the new functionality while loading content, suppliers and buyers may wish to convert their Content Loader files to the SCL format. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Upload content in Content Loader format and then export into new SCL file - this is the recommended method and should suit all users. See Export existing price list to Super Content Loader format
  2. Extract data from the Content Loader file into the SCL file using Excel or another editor. See Content Loader v5.9 to Super Content Loader.

The new Loader interface