I send documents using AS2 or HTTPS (SAP BC)

I send documents to Basware German Gateway using AS2 or HTTPS (SAP BC)


This page contains information related to the Basware German Gateway for the below sending methods:

  • AS2

IP Information

Please see the new IP details below.  Please note that only the IP address will change. The DNS name and port will remain the same.

DNS Name

Old IP address

New IP address

Ports Required

exchange.1stbp.de (backup STAND BY address)




What you need to do

To make sure that your sending application can successfully connect to the Basware German Gateway service, please carry out a telnet test from the computer with your AS2 or HTTPS client towards our new IP address. The required commands can be found below.


Command: telnet 80

Expected response: a blank screen. Press <SPACE>, then <ENTER>. It should exit from telnet program.


Command: telnet 443

Expected response: a blank screen. Press <ENTER> multiple times. It should display some graphical characters plus “Connection to host lost” and exit from telnet program.


If the telnet test does not produce the expected response, please move to the troubleshooting steps below. Please find a How-To guide for Telnet here



Telnet test did not produce the expected response.


Please contact your IT system administrator and tell them to allow network firewall outbound connections to TCP IP addresses: and on port 80 if using AS2, or port 443 if using HTTPS (SAP BC).



I am connecting to Basware service directly with IP address instead DNS name. I cannot connect with DNS name due restrictions in my network.


Please start using the new IP address.