UNSPSC Codes In Marketplace


United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSC) are used by buyers to help classify the products or services they purchase. Different suppliers may have different codes/descriptions for the same products, so UNSPSC codes allow buyers to standardise the classification of purchases. This allows them to gather accurate spend information for budget monitoring.

How do use UNSPSC codes in the Content Loader?

When you open a Content Loader and go to the Item Data tab you will see that UNSPSC v8 is specified in column J. If you click into that cell you will then be given a drop-down box to select whether you wish to use v8 or v19. You can see this in the screenshot below:



At the bottom of your Content Loader you will see tabs for both UNSPSC v8 and UNSPSC v19. When you click into either tab you will be shown a screen with many definitions of items, with their codes and levels. We recommend a good way of searching in this tab by pressing Ctrl and “F” on your keyboard. This will load a search bar you can use to search on this page. Once you have found the definition that relates most closely to your item or service please copy the code into the UNSPSC cell on the Item Data tab.

How do use UNSPSC codes in Product Manager?


When you have logged into your account and clicked on Product Manager > Items. Click on Create and once you scroll down you will be shown the below regarding the UNSPSC info. You will need to click on the cog that is in the red square:



When you are in that page you will see the below. You can either manually type in the code at the top of the page (outlined in red) or you can drop down each selection box (outlined in blue) and choose the the closest description. Do not forget to save your selection.