Basware's New Strategy: Delivering Greater Value to Customers


We are delighted to be able to start sharing news with customers on how we are adapting our customer strategy to deliver even more value, for customers in 2023 and beyond. We recommend joining the upcoming customer event, Basware Bespoke, on April 27th, where Mara Nurminen, Basware CFO, and Lars Madsen, Basware CMO, will talk more about this new strategy with a live Q&A. 

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Basware has always been committed to delivering products and services that drive long-term for customers and to help them achieve their business objectives. Since last summer, we have been developing a new business strategy that builds on that commitment and takes it to the next level, retooling our business to deliver even higher and more consistent value to Basware customers.  

To achieve this mission, we are implementing improvements starting in April 2023.  

The first change involves restructuring Professional Services and Support to improve customer access and deliver faster resolution times. We recognize that Basware customers expect timely and effective support to maintain their operations, and these changes ensure that.  

Billing, support, and professional services topics will be handled by the appropriate function or team, or made available for via self-service requests in Service Now.  See Further reading section below for more details. 

The second change involves evolving our Customer Success function, which will be central to delivering our new strategy and play a fundamental role in sculpting the Basware customer experience. From April, Customer Success will be responsible for the overall customer relationship once a customer starts using Basware solutions/services. This includes supporting product adoption, optimization, and value realization, all centered around ensuring customers achieve their broader business objectives.  

Finally, new tooling will provide more explicit recommendations and reports to maximize the value that customers generate from Basware's products and services. These tools will help customers to understand how to use Basware’s products to their fullest potential. 

To reflect these changes in the way we work with our customers, we are launching new branding. This will be reflected in our communications in the coming weeks and months. The new tagline, "Now it all just happens," demonstrates our commitment to delivering Basware customers the highest levels of automation and business value. 

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