Customer Support Portal - Service Level Reporting Capabilities Overview


We are happy to provide an overview of our service capabilities within our Basware Support Portal that will enhance your experience and provide you more comprehensive information on your provisioned services.

What are these Basware support portal capabilities and How can I use them?

There are a series of features that will provide the following capabilities:

Each capability is described in detail below with screenshots.

For our Partner Customers: in addition to the content in this article, please review the following article which provides supplementary information on practical usability suggestions.

Additionally, please view our short video that demonstrate these capabilities. 


Current Service Status and Upcoming Service Maintenance Activities:

When you login to, you will be presented with two new panels:

NOTE: In addition to having this new graphical view, you will continue to receive standard emails (from to account contacts configured as “Outage Contact”. Please contact support for a current listing of these account contacts to ensure they are up-to-date.

Please see two samples of these new panels:

Diagram 1 – services fully operational / no planned maintenances

Diagram 2 – Service degradation in-progress with planned maintenances

Service Status Overview:

When you login to, in the top right hand corner you are presented with a new menu item with a drop down list called Service status. By selecting the Service status menu item and selecting the Service status list item, you will be re-directed to your Service status overview page.

This page provides a listing of all your service offerings and an overview of service history during the past 4 days. The legend on the left-hand side provides a description of icons.

Reminder: As cited above only a subset of our services are fully supporting the in-built capabilities. While other service offerings are visible, however they are not integrated and therefore are not presenting accurate data.  

Please see an example below:

In this example, only Invoice - Basware, Marketplace - Basware, Purchase - Basware, TEM - Basware are accurately populating real-time information, all other services showcase a "No Issue" Icon as default. We are currently evaluating enhancements to make this more clear and concise.

Diagram 3 – Service status overview

Service Offerings Overview:

By selecting one of your service offerings from the service listing (as seen in Diagram 3 – Service status overview), you will be re-directed to that specific service offerings page.

This page provides a comprehensive overview of events surrounding this service offering including:

Service Offering Graphical Overview

Provides a graphical representation of the service history during the last 90 days.

 Diagram 4 – Service offering 90-day overview

Current Status

This panel is not visible if there are no active service events on-going. If there is an event in-progress, it will display the detailed overview of the service event.

Diagram 5 – Current Status

Planned Maintenance Overview

This panel provides a listing of all upcoming events for this service over the next 30 days with a detailed description of each event.

Diagram 6 – Planned Maintenance Overview

Service History Overview

The panel provides a listing of all service events during the last 90 days. The service events are listed in chronological order starting with the most recent event at the top, as seen below:

Diagram 7 – Service history List View

By selecting the ‘Details’ icon for a specific service event, the service event will be expanded and the details surrounding the event will be shown.

Diagram 8 – Service history – service event detailed view

External RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Process Change

In conjunction with these new capabilities, we have updated our major incident process to now proactively publish major service incident RCA report to impacted customers. This is to increase transparency for customer users into the major service incident including the root cause and corrective and preventative measures which will further improve the service. This will also remove the need to request these RCAs through Basware support or your dedicated Customer Support Manager.

As a result, these External RCAs will be published within the Major Service Incidents (Service Degradations, Service Disruptions).

Reminder: External RCAs will aim to be published within 15 business-days of the closure of the Major Service Incident.

Diagram 8 – Major Service Incident External Report

Service Availability Reporting

This involves proactively reporting on our adherence and performance against the Service Level Agreement commitments against the Service Offerings you have purchased. This is traditionally in the form of Service Uptime or Service Availability. 

NOTE: Service availability statistics will be published within 7 business days from the previous months end, for example the results for Oct 2019 will be published no later than Monday Nov 11th.