Edge - Create External Webshop Requisitions


This article has instructions on how to order items from an external webshop using Edge. External webshops are a method for you to access a supplier's own website, choose the item you want, and then pull that item into your requisition in Edge for ordering. 


  1. Click Shop.
  2.  You can select your external webshop in one of two ways, depending on your system configuration*:
    1. If you have the navigation option External webshops, click that and select the correct shop from the list. 
    2. If you have only the navigation option Marketplace, use keywords to search for the external webshop in the Marketplace catalog. You can select the item type "Punchout" to only show external webshops in the search results. 
  3. Click the link to the desired webshop to be re-directed to the external webshop.
  4. In the dialog that opens, click Proceed.
  5. In the external webshop, search for items to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.
  6. When you have finalized your purchases in the external webshop, click checkout or another similar action.
    • The shopping cart will be added to Your requisition or the Basket and you will be redirected back to Edge to complete the purchase requisition.
  7. If you need to order from different external webshops, repeat the above steps.

    • TIPS:
      • You can remove an item from your requisition by clicking the X next to the item.
      • To remove all the items, click  (More actions) > Clear requisition.
  8. When you have reviewed that the items are correct and you are ready to complete the requisition, click Get approval.
  9. In the dialog box, fill in the mandatory data (approver, purpose, desired delivery date, delivery address).
  10. Click Get approval.

The purchase requisition is sent to workflow to the selected approver.

* Step 2 has two different options because some systems have already upgraded to our Integrated Shopping Experience. To learn more about the Integrated Shopping Experience and how to enable it for your organization, click here