Supplier Guide - Creating an Item Template in Product Manager

What is an Item Template?

It is a form that you provide with your standard items to collect additional information from the Buyer to customize such products. The Buyer completes this form in Marketplace and can checkout these templated items with the additional information like and alongside any standard items.

The Item Template Directory

Once logged in to Marketplace, select the Product Manager tab at the top of the screen:



From Product Manager select Item Templates. This directory stores your Item templates:





How to create an Item Template / Form Items

From the Item Templates Directory select Create



It is mandatory to provide a name for your Template. You have various Template items available to put your Template together. You can choose and arrange from the following:

  1. Single-line text entry for the Buyer to complete (free form option)
  2. Multi-line text entry for the Buyer to complete (free form option)
  3. Single-select dropdown for the Buyer to select one option
  4. Multi-select dropdown for the Buyer to select multiple options
  5. Help text/information provided by you to help your buyer complete the form in Marketplace

Each will be displayed to the buyer in the order you choose.

For each Template line:

Select the language in which you complete the line item.


The currency is determined by the agreement and price list. Hence these cannot be overwritten. The currency remains unique in one basket.

You have the option to mark your template to be ready for use (i.e. can be attached to an item) by using this toggle.



You can now go to the Item Directory and select the item you wish to attach this form to.

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