Purchase - How to - Change purchase order owner


This article will explain how to change the owner of a purchase order one-by-one and in batch action.

This functionality can be useful if a purchase order owner leaves the company or is doing an internal transition. For example in this kind of scenarios it is possible to transfer the open purchase orders to another person with similar user rights, e.g. the successor or a substitute.


Make sure:

The user who is changing the owner of the purchase order(s) needs to have Manage all Purchase orders in Professional tools user right. The owner of the purchase order can also do the change if they have the aforementioned user right.

Note that the user who will be assigned as the new owner of the purchase order (PO) needs to have similar user rights with the previous owner of the PO.



The owner of the PO can be changed either from a single PO or by selecting multiple POs.

Changing the owner of a single PO can be done from the PO. Select the arrow pointing down and then select Change owner.


Changing the owner of multiple POs can be done from the PO search view. Select the POs which need a new owner, select the arrow pointing down and then select Change owner.


In both cases the view for changing the owner will open. It will show the current owner(s), new owner and comment field. 


When the new owner has been added in the new owner field, "Add new owner as goods receiver" tick appears. By selecting this all open goods receipt tasks will be transferred to the new PO owner. After the needed data is added in the fields, user can finish the owner change by selecting Change.


It is possible to use batch actions to change goods receivers on all selected purchase orders to the same users. To specify different goods receivers for each PO, uncheck this option and change the POs separately.

If the user has selected documents and the owner cannot be changed for some of them, there will be a notification where user can see that the owner can only be changed to some of the documents. The notification will give detailed information why some of the documents were not affected by the change.

By default if the owner is changed for the PO, it is not required to update the purchase order. If the supplier needs to be informed about the owner change, for example, because the PO owner is used as a contact person in PO PDF, then user needs to edit the order. This can be done by for example adding a note to supplier and then update the order.


After the owner of the PO has been changed


Additional Information:

The purchase order owner can be changed for open purchase orders, in other words, orders that are not closed, canceled or rejected by supplier.

Note that there will be no notification email sent about changing the owner.