Scan & Capture Information

Scan & Capture:

The Scan and Capture service extracts data from images and turns it into an e-invoice file. Suppliers can send their invoices via postal service or email them as PDF documents to their customers that are using the Scan & Capture service. These converted documents are delivered to the recipient in one e-invoice format. That way our customer will have all their incoming invoices as e-invoice. This service is also giving an option to the customer to serve their suppliers who are not yet switched to the e-invoice.

Feedback forms are required to teach the program which extracts data from the picture. This is a learning process, where the system is taught to pick up required fields from different invoice layouts that customer’s suppliers have.

Feedback can be sent to Basware Service Desk as an automated report from Invoice Processing or fill out the form manually. We suggest that this report is sent weekly. Analyzed report is returned to the customer for a review and it also may include action points suggested by Basware.