IP ThinClient - The maximum number of coding rows have been exceeded.

What is the issue?

When trying to add a new coding row in ThinClient, the application gives the following error message: The maximum number of coding rows have been exceeded. No more coding rows can be added.


The maximum amount of allowed coding rows are defined in the IP Admin parameter ACCOUNT_ENTRY_ROWS.
If you get this message, it means the amount defined here has been exceeded. Your local IP Admin user can increase this value if necessary. This is done from IP Admin - System Management - Configuration - Parameters. Find the parameter in the list and double click it, then change the parameter value to the desired number. If you cannot find the parameter in the list, it means it's defined with the default value which is 97. To add it, press "Add" in the parameter screen, and find the parameter in the drop down list, then choose it and change the value.

You should define this parameter to be something similar to the normal amount of coding rows used in your system.