Case Logging Priority


The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on usage of Case Priorities.

To provide the right level of Service at the right time, Cases are handled according to priority. Case priority is defined based on the urgency and the business impact of the issues as specified in the matrix below:

Urgency of the case reflects how critical the solution is for business. Urgency is selected by the customer, when the Case is created.

The urgency is a measure of how long it will be, until a case has a significant impact on the business. For example, a high impact case may have low urgency, if the impact will not affect the business until the end of the financial year. Urgency is also a relative against other reported cases reported by the customer and should follow the natural distribution: majority of the Cases fall into Low and Medium level.

There are four levels of Urgency available on case form:

Urgency Level




Solution is very time critical and has a direct impact on service usability


Solution is time critical but does not have a direct impact on service usability (or does not take the top priority)


Solution is not time critical but has a direct impact on service usability


Solution is not time critical and does not have direct impact on service usability


Impact of the Case reflects the level of service degradation/outage. Impact is selected by Basware based on the information provided by the customer.

There are four levels of Impact on case form:

Impact Level



The whole service is out of use and all users, business documents are impacted and no workaround is available.


A key component of the Service is unusable which impacts majority of the users, or business documents (more than 25 %)





There is reduced functionality due to an error affecting overall service or a limited degradation of the service performance and the issue affects less than 25 % of overall users, business documents or a workaround is available.


There is a non-significant issue on the functionality of the service, the Case is affecting only individual users, business documents or specific, non-critical functions of the service.


Please note: Priority is calculated based on the selected Impact and Urgency automatically, and cannot be changed without changing the Impact and/or Urgency.