How do I create a despatch advice (consignment note) in Bizmail Interactive?


How do I create a despatch advice (consignment note)?



An electronic despatch advice (DESADV) describes the exact contents of a shipment. In most cases, this is largely based on a purchase order. Basware Bizmail Interactive simplifies the process of creating a despatch advice. On the basis of an existing purchase order, you can create a linked despatch advice. The relevant data from the purchase order is copied to the despatch advice, which considerably reduces the amount of typing required.

You can find a detailed description on the documentation page.


Manual creation of Despatch Advice (DESADV) with Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC):

If, for any reason, you need to manually create SSCC (heterogeneous pallets, wrong automatic DESADV sent in the first place), you have to choose this option after clicking on Make DESADV with SSCC => Manual creation.

Select this option if your shipment consists of mixed pallets (or other heterogeneous logistic units). 

To create your despatch advice, enter the shipment details manually.


Goods can be added directly on the pallet, without using packages.

However, if you choose to add packages as well, the hierarchy on the DESADV remains the same, as for the automatic creation : pallet => package => goods

Each type of package has a specific GTIN, which indicates the dimension of the boxes, the number of goods in each box being determined by the GTIN. 


Tips & Tricks

Sometimes, in the case of manual creation of DESADV, errors may occur:

1. Issue: When converting the measure unit on the DESADV, the value may be automatically set to 0 by the system.

Solution: In order to adjust this, you should temporarily modify the measure unit (for instance from pieces to kilograms) and fill in the correct value.


2. Error: ' DESADV cannot be saved due to wrong information .... ’

Solution: Please make sure that you first fill in the GTIN of the pallet and generate the SSCC code

Each SSCC code on the DESADV must be unique. You can click on the corresponding green arrow untill a new SSCC code is generated by the system.